Walk-In Bathtubs

The time has come to do something about one of the very dangerous rooms in your house.

One of the most effective means of making the toilet safe for taking both showers and baths would be to set up a fresh walk-in bathtub.

These bathtubs look mostly like normal bathtubs, but have the inclusion of a swinging door in the side you can walk in and outside of the tub without having to step over the side when it is empty. The door is sealed water tight, so that should you take a bath in the tub, no water will leak from the sides whatsoever.

For many individuals that are aged, this may give significantly more independence to the daily life and activities that they need to do to stay within their own Rhode Island home longer.

Look no further than a walk-in tub therefore, if you or somebody you love is in need of a way to be safer in the restroom.

If you are interested in one of these, we service many of the bigger cities across the state of Rhode Island, and will give you a quotation over the telephone for installation in a few minutes. Here are some of the places that we are proud to serve: